Motion video assets that authentically convey your brand’s story to foster a deeper connection with your ideal clients. Professional production combined with striking content to make consumers remember your brand and what it stands for in order to bring your social media, advertising and branded content to the next level. Not only will I turn your vision into a reality, but I will also work closely with you to develop concepts and offer strategies to further connect with consumers within and beyond your target audience.

Ford Mustang

The Ford #DriveON campaign was created to capture content while embarking on journeys all across Ontario.

Video was created in collaboration with Omer Shabtay.

Lib Tech

'Journey of the Dynamo' was filmed on opposite sides of Canada. In this short film, Aaron ventures us through the marvelous landscape at Whitewater Ski Resort located deep within the Valhalla Range in British Columbia. The unboxing in Sanction Skate & Snow was filmed handheld by Daniel Schiffer in Toronto, while the elegant riding was captured by Denis Lipman combined with Aaron's jaw-dropping POV shots.


Teamed up with various independent skateboarders of Toronto and Vans Canada. This ad was filmed during a wear test prior to the release of the AVE skateboarding shoe.

Camp Biluim

A summer camp located in the heart of the Laurentian Mountains, Quebec. This video was created to promote registration for future years.

Video was created in collaboration with Omer Shabtay.